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Beverly has extension experience in the following

Love & Relationships

My approach is very different than most in relationships, the focus is on you healing your upsets rather than changing the behavior of others.  As you do this a strength and clarity emerges that allows you to newly express yourself and increasingly be closer to others.  You begin to notice constructs and habits of a false self created to earn love which cause excruciating pain for you and those around you.







Experience a deep peace and connecting newly to your feelings is key for transformation.  Most react to what others say and have an awareness they are hurt, but they don't know how to explore what is the belief about themselves causing the hurt.


You may be in what is a crippling crisis, it is when pain comes up that we are best able to heal it, these are called mermur moments neurolologically speaking, it is when we can remap our habitual reaction to pain.