Self Trust Coaching

specializing in family blacksheeps & codependents

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Self-trust coaching is a way to build your self-confidence, and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. It's an effective way to improve your confidence and reduce anxiety, which can be especially helpful if you're going through a difficult time or dealing with some sort of trauma.

I use a variety of methods to help my clients build self-trust and increase their sense of self-worth. The first step is working together to figure out where you need the most work—if it's in your relationships, at work, or even just in general life. I'll then identify what you need from me and how we can accomplish that together.

This coaching is highly individualized and tailored to each client's needs; it won't work for everyone (and it probably won't work for you!), but if it does… well, then it's a pretty great thing!

 At the end of this coaching, you will be able to learn:

  • Learn to trust the power within you.

  • Free yourself from shame & guilt.

  • Learn to heal your pain and calm yourself,.

  • Connect to your innocence & inspiration, break habitual self-defeating programming, condemnation and thoughts

  • Embracing mistakes for your growth, celebrating and allowing them instead of fearing them

  • Noticing reactions, identifying triggers and healing them.

  • The power of play and creativity to allow inspiration and solutions to come to you

  • Learning to communicate, listen and discover with yourself and others instead of blame

  • Resurrecting dreams and visions

  • Noticing when you are freezing, fighting, flighting, fawning and interrupting them so you gain self-sovereignacy and ability to effectively express yourself

  • Learn how to be a loving parent for yourself, listen to your needs, and nurture yourself

  • Becoming internally oriented, rather than externally oriented -- looking at others for validation, approval, taking what they say personally or as truth. Breaking the habit of pleasing others and paying more attention to their needs than your own.  

  • Closer relationships with better freer communication.

I have incredible tools that can help you become the best you can be. If you are ready to improve in any area of your life, contact me today.

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