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​It is far easier to expand your capacity to love when you work at this as a team with a common goal and means to interrupt habitual reactions & behavior than it is working alone.   We rub against each other, to reveal the diamonds we are.   We also need someone pushing our buttons to reveal what needs to be healed, this can't be done in isolation.

My specialty is reactive relationships, couples who have gone to a few other therapists and modalities without a lot of success but are committed to creating connection, greater closeness, and respect in their relationship and home.

Areas covered:

  • Learning to parenting yourself and each other with love and compassion with what comes up to heal the pain, instead of trying to change behavior.  When love and respect emerge, behavior follows, too many people focus on fixing and reacting to behavior which leads to frustration and distance.

  • Upsets --- preventing them, moving through them, and repairing afterward so closeness moves in rather than blame, guilt, shame, and distance

  • Learn to become inter-dependent, rather than dependent on each other – where needs can be met from outside of the relationship and each one knows their own power

  • In a healthy relationship, there is respect, and emotional stability -- not a roller coaster of reactions or imbalance of power.

  • Identifying and healing triggers, instead of attacking and condemning the behavior

  • Identifying needs and communicating clearly instead of hinting, expecting & fantasizing, manipulating, and blaming

  • How to praise & appreciate yourself, be with your emotions, discover your needs so you can be with those of others and not be so intense or condemning

  • Speaking up and expressing yourself

  • Creative problem solving together instead of rehashing the same upsets repeatedly

  • Non-violent communication ---  I feel ___ when ___ instead of YOU ____. 

  • Making requests and taking responsibility instead of blaming another like I need some space instead of you are too emotional.

  • Learning to embrace and allow mistakes is a means to expand instead of condemning yourself and others.

  • Learning how to say “no” and “yes” with equal ease, allowing each other to say "no" and "yes" with ease.   Letting go of expectations and entitlements, and moving into creating agreements and operating from consent & privilege. 

  • Discover how to empower and respect each other.

  • Discover how what you value often blocks closeness.

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