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I have been a believer in miracles since my teenager days.

I have found the more we expect miracles, the more they happen. 

It takes courage during a crisis to be bold and demand a miracle with authority and keep looking for it.   When I do this, they come.  That isn't to say I always do it.   Developing belief in miracles and trust in God's goodness and truth is a muscle.  The more I exercise it the stronger it gets.

Image by Leon Biss

I keep a journal of miracles that occur in my life, to develop my faith and turn to during dark hours.  They are beyond humanly feasible or a coincidence.   I keep a log of things that happen to me and around me that prove to me beyond the shadow that God is real and I can trust. 

I believe crises emerge when we resist our soul’s expansion and tolerate a situation for too long.  When we move through a crisis boldly expecting an opening, a shift, a miracle, it comes to the degree we expect it.  I have found crisis and pain pierce our ego, and opens our heart to be more connected to divine light, which automatically makes us warmer, open and easier to connect with others. 

II have learned not to force faith or a belief in God, but I see the power in lending my faith and conviction to others when they need it.  It strengthens my own conviction.  

I have found as you move along in the journey of peace and love, things that used to never bother you become acutely painful.  Messes will be made to invite healing.  To those on the spiritual journey, this can be highly disturbing.  I have learned to embrace these periods and expect them to heal.  When the healing comes you will experience a newfound closeness with whomever you experienced the upset or distress. 

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