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How to organize everything, and still be able to move around and get stuff done. I've tried most of these and they work well.

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When in chaos, life explodes.  For many, they become highly disorganized.  Left unchecked it compounds, life shrivels and it becomes increasingly difficult to function.


I assist those in overwhelm get functionally organized where everything in the home is grouped together in a convenient location tailored to how you operate.  I teach you some techniques for making decisions to rebuild self-trust.  I bring my energy as a runner by putting belongings into rooms that make sense, so you stay focused on the task.


At the beginning of a session we warm up to each other, building trust, but as trust grows, our strength in operating as a team builds momentum.  By the time we are done, whatever spaces we were working on are transformed.

You will gain mental clarity and be supported by an inspiring environment where it is way easier to get tasks done. I bring compassion and commitment, rather than judgment, as I have been in periods of chaos.


Organizing is a great opportunity to improve communication & respect among a group of people working together.  It is a very practical healing modality as reactions and behaviors come up while working together that we can address at the end of each session or while in the process as appropriate.  You will be learning how to move through these upsets yourself while also creating organization.

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