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Purple Stars

In darkness we discover God. 

Miracles occur with conviction

Areas covered include:

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My aim in relationships is to purify ourselves from our ego, learn to trust ourselves, speak up, make request and assert ourself instead of people pleasing and caring more about how others feel than even knowing what you feel and think. 

I facilitate teaching individuals, couples, and families how to have sacred relationships where the aim is patience, love, respect, connecting to your feelings to understand why you are being triggered, using scripture to pray over and encourage each other.

Inward Orientation

Most of our pain and self-doubt comes from being externally oriented.   Looking for approval and validation from others.   Believing the thoughts and opinions of others is more real than your own.  Making others an authority over us to tell us what to do, think, and feel. 

Without being connected to your feelings you will seek to earn your value through others. 

Connect to your feelings.


If you are in complete overwhelm or suffering from anxiety. 

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that everything you do, you do for yourself.  Regardless of how hard you try to not think about yourself, you will find that thoughts about yourself come up.  Your thoughts are not your own.  Your thoughts are a product

Love and Relationship

The Power of Connection: How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

We all know that feeling. We're constantly bombarded with information, and it seems like the world is just getting louder and more chaotic. It can be hard to find peace in the midst of all that noise. But what if I told you that there was a way to connect to peace? What if I told you that you could find wisdom in the midst of chaos? And what if I told you that by connecting with others, you could make the world a little bit calmer? In this blog post, we will explore the power of connection and how it can help us find peace in the midst of chaos.


So often, we allow the reactive and anxious mind to control us. We allow ourselves to be pulled in different directions by our emotions. But what if we could step back for a moment and connect with something larger than ourselves? When we connect with peace, we are able to see the world more clearly. We are able to find wisdom in the midst of chaos. And when we connect with others, we are able to create calm in the midst of turbulence.


Every day we are bombarded with stimuli that can easily overwhelm us. Our minds are constantly reacting to the never-ending stream of thoughts and emotions, leaving us feeling anxious and stressed. However, there is power in connecting with others and connecting to wisdom. When we connect with others, we create opportunities for understanding and empathy. We also have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and perspectives. In addition, connecting with others helps us to feel more connected to the world around us, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. When we connect with wisdom, we give ourselves the opportunity to step back from our reactive minds and explore a different way of thinking. We can learn to observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment, which can help us to feel calmer and at peace.


The next time you're feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and try to connect with peace. Listen to your heart instead of your head. And remember that by connecting with others, you can make the world a little bit calmer. Peace is within all of us - it just takes a little bit of effort to find it.

How Coaching Can Change Your Life

Coaching is a great way to help you identify and address areas where you feel stuck. It's also a great way to improve your relationships, career, and overall well-being.


As a relationship and self-trust coach, I can help you navigate the challenges that arise in your life and offer strategies for moving forward.


The benefits of this coaching include:

  • Feeling more confident in yourself and being able to achieve your goals;

  • Being more motivated to take action;

  • Developing better communication skills with others;

  • Having more confidence in your ability to handle stressful situations;

  • Improving work performance by learning how to manage people more effectively or by being more assertive at work;

  • Making changes that will make you happier

  • I uniquely support those in chaos - relationships, anxiety & trauma healing, inner peace, project support, and home organization.

I can help you in the following areas: Tannersville, East Jewett, Elka Park, Haines Falls, and Hunter, NY.

This coaching is a new approach to therapy that provides much-needed support and guidance to help you become the best version of yourself.

About Me

I'm a relationship and self-trust coach, so naturally, there are many opportunities for me to help you with your relationships. I'd like to tell you about my experiences as a coach, but that's not why you're here. You're here because you want to know how to make your existing relationships better. That's what I specialize in: improving relationships through my coaching services.


Services Offer

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Stress Management

Stress is unavoidable and it affects everyone, but you don't have to let it ruin your life. Learn how to manage stress and keep on top of things.

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Self-Trust Coaching

A self-help tool that helps people build their self-trust and build a strong sense of self-worth.

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Relationship Coaching

A powerful tool that can be used to help you improve your relationships. It can help you identify your specific challenges, set goals, and achieve a better way of life.

Why Choose Me

I specialize in helping people who are experiencing problems in life related to relationships, mental, and emotional problems, trauma, and stress. I work with individuals and couples who have experienced trauma or stress and need help rebuilding their lives. I also work with individuals who are dealing with mental or emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.


My mission is to help you grow into the person you were meant to be. I will provide you with opportunities to develop your abilities and talents so that you can achieve your goals. My coaching programs are designed to help you reach your full potential by providing guidance from trained professionals who understand what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve success in your life.


I believe that everyone deserves the chance at happiness because sometimes things in life get hard and it can feel overwhelming when dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. This is why I want to provide support for anyone who needs it whether it's just someone needing a shoulder or someone struggling with their mental health illnesses.

What People Say

J. Hubbard

To describe Beverly’s abilities in a few words is a difficult task.  She is a powerhouse.  Within two hours with much cheering and laughter, we expanded a completely cluttered room that had only a narrow path, to 12×12 of clear space.  Her way of dealing with resistance gives new meaning to firm & kind.  She will help empower you with the tools necessary to go forward.

A. Omar, N.Y

I still can't believe what we got done, in just one day my entire home is organized!!  There were so many things I noticed today that you did.  So much initiative you took on yourself, I don’t know when you snuck in doing them.  It feels so good being here!  Thank you!  

E.F. Musician

You are the best in my long history of organizers at getting me past a melt-down fast and keeping up the momentum (I’ve never worked at this for 6 hours and wouldn’t have believed it to be possible). I like how you think and what you suggest, yet how you know when to back down. It’s a great combination and we were very effective together.”  E.F. Musician 

Contact Me

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Whether it's a breakup or a new relationship, we all suffer from relationship and self-trust issues. Whether you're single or in a relationship, love is an important aspect of life that we all need to address at some point. I offer a coaching service to help people who are searching for answers or simply want to improve their relationships as well as themselves.

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All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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