About Me

I was a successful computer programmer and strategist, who worked on Wall Street.  When I went through a divorce, my life blew up.  I became highly sensitive and reactive.  I became more disorganized than usual.  I DESPERATELY wanted love and closeness to others my entire life, but it was entirely illusive.

Over the last twenty years, I have intuitively been finding my way out of hell.  The bedrock of my healing was committing to peace, healing my nervous system, discovering what healthy relationships look like, learning communication skills (making requests, speaking up), connecting to my feelings and needs instead of people pleasing others, and being more in tune with their feelings, learning how to heal wounds from the past, codependency, trauma, forgiveness, and a strong relationship to God.

Inside of each of us is a diamond to be discovered.  My passion is spiritual coaching and teaching individuals and couples how to access their inner truth, once you become aligned with this, you will automatically find your way out.

My aim is to assist you in getting to the root of problems, instead of reacting to symptoms and behavior. 

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I am committed to healing, improving my communication skills, and discovering what works and doesn't work in relationships.   


We grow and heal together, in joy and pain.  Learning how to heal and grow from our pain, instead of blaming others.


At Miraculous Chaos, my vision is to help people solve their relationship problems and develop their personal development.


Striving to be a smart, effective, and great coach for my clients."

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