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Healing Relationships

It is human to make God's of other people, being externally oriented, instead of internally oriented.  we are more pay more attention to the feelings of others, being accepted by others, looking good, being in control or powerful, or feeling weak and helpless than being inwardly connected with our connection to God.  Relationships are a phenomenal means to purify our unloving and insecure human and childhood habits.   Know the experience of peace and you begin to know more clearly something is coming up to be healed or transformed inside of you. 

Most relationships, in my opinion, is more of a series of habitual, nervous system reactions.  We become stuck in addictions with others, fixing, controlling, avoiding control, blaming, expecting, having human fantasies of right and wrong. 

Using relationships, particularly intimate ones which have the opportunity to bring up an enormous amount of pain and frustration, if you change your goal to healing your pain and suffering, learning to trust inner guidance instead of people pleasing out of fear, etc.  It brings the greatest opportunity of spiritual advancement, in the shame and guilt it constantly brings up. 

Learning to treat each of our emotions as sacred, care for it, bring curiosity to what it is telling, or hold space for it to allow the pain, anger, sadness, mourning, shame, taking things personal, to heal and move.   Caring for mistakes and encouraging yourself.

Consciously connecting to your innocence and divine presence within. 

If you struggle in your intimate relationships, consider going joining CODA 12 step meetings, where the only requirement is to have healthy, loving relationships.  Click here for fear based relationship habits.   For CODA meetings, click here.

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